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“Furlough Scheme” is changing – What you need to know.

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The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CRJS), more commonly referred to as the Furlough Scheme is changing from 1 July and you may need to take action now.

As the government continues to relax lock down measures and businesses begin to return to normal,  businesses will be expected to wean themselves off the various support measures introduced back in March, starting with the CRJS.


  • The scheme will close to anyone who hasn’t been furloughed for 3 weeks by 30 June – you can only claim for employees after 30 June if they have been furloughed for a full three-week period at any time before that date;
  • If you need to furlough an employee who hasn’t been furloughed before, you must agree this before 10 J‌un‌e – this is the last day on which someone who has never been furloughed before can start a period of furlough and qualify for the scheme;
  • All claims for grants for employees furloughed prior to 30 June must be submitted by 31 July.

All change – 1 July 2020

  • From 1 July businesses have the  flexibility to bring furloughed employees back to work part time. Businesses must pay the salary/wages for the work employees perform and can then apply for a grant to cover any of their normal hours that they are still furloughed for;
  • After 1 July the maximum number of employees you can claim for cannot be higher than the maximum number you have claimed for in a previous period. For example, if your highest single claim for periods prior to 30 J‌un‌e was for 8 people, you cannot claim for more than this number of people in later periods;
  • From 1 Au‌gu‌st business will have to contribute towards the wage costs of furloughed employees.

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