Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a complex aspect of finance and its meaning differs between countries.  In the UK, corporate finance is concerned with matters connected with sourcing capital to help establish, grow or acquire companies.  Therefore, it’s also associated with the issuance of shares, how businesses are structured, owned and how profit is distributed (e.g. through dividends).

Do you have in-house knowledge and experience to deal with the formation of a new equity structure, or purchasing/trading equity?

At ATN Partnership, our experts will carry out the appropriate research, analyse the results, make practical recommendations and work with you to implement your decisions.  So, whether you need assistance with Financial Modelling, Financial Due Diligence, Capital Markets, Valuations & IP, Raising Finance, Strategy & Exit Planning, Succession Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions or MBOs & MBIs, we can support you.

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Financial Due Diligence

To find out how we can help you with this important part of the decision-making process..

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Financial Modelling

To learn more about how financial models can help you and your business make qualified decisions,

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Raising Finance

At ATN Partnership, we are experienced in helping owners, managers and investors to explore options to raise money to support business growth.

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Management Buy-Out and Management Buy-Ins

Therefore, if you’re considering MBOs or MBIs, we’ll be delighted to help you, so please click below

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Our Services

We provide expert advice on accountancy, corporate and personal tax, fund raising, business strategy, human resource management, and marketing and sales.

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