Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency

What’s the difference between corporate restructuring and insolvency? 

Corporate restructuring is when a company seeks to reorganize its debts, corporate structure or business operation to avoid insolvency or some other serious issue.  Insolvency arises when the company is unable to meet its debt obligations as they fall due.

Corporate structuring will normally involve addressing issues connected with liquidity, and dealing with existing and potential creditors, legal professionals, and insolvency practitioners.  In the case of insolvency, the assistance of professional and experienced insolvency practitioners is essential to help owners/management team to work through the various options and reduce anxiety.

Although their necessity is sometimes inevitable, corporate restructuring and insolvency processes can be very stressful, time consuming and complex, especially for the owners and management team.  If you need assistance with corporate restructuring or insolvency services, we will utilize our network of partners to put you in touch with friendly and licensed professionals who can guide you through the entire process.

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