Marketing & Sales

If you want to increase your business turnover, marketing and sales will help to achieve that.  Marketing is concerned with raising awareness of your company and its services / products and establishing a level of engagement that deepens your customers’ connection with your company’s service / product.  There are several marketing strategies that can be implemented to increase your exposure, and these include:

  • Online social media (use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Own website
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Printed media (e.g. trade magazines, newspapers, mailshots)
  • Telemarketing
  • Networking
  • Exhibitions, expo, trade fairs
  • Referrals from existing clients

However, the first stage in this process should be to carry out research to identify your target market and consider customer segmentation.  This will allow you to gather data on your customers based on their geographical location, demographic data, psycho graphic data and behavioral data.  The benefits from understanding your customers in more detail includes the following:

  • Help you to refine your product or service offering so that it has greater appeal to your customer
  • Help you to focus your marketing strategy specific to that prospective customer base
  • Help you to curate your marketing communication more precisely e.g. based on the period in the year (e.g. Christmas)
  • Help you to pursue prospects more precisely and save time and money compared to a scatter gun approach
  • Focus investment in areas where demand is more prevalent, and thus improve chance of profit

Once you have executed your marketing strategy, you will move onto implementing your sales strategy, which means converting prospects into customers.  This process is perhaps more difficult than marketing, as it requires establishing a personal rapport, dealing with objections and building the relationship through persuasive interpersonal skills.  What is sometimes overlooked in this sales process is an effective client relationship management (CRM) software that will record and monitor how prospects progress onto becoming customers or remain prospects.  The CRM software can systemic parts of the marketing and sales processes and manage the client relationship productively and profitably.  The system will churn out results that can improve your companies approach so that you make decisions based on accurate live data.

If you want to improve your marketing and sales results, or need assistance with developing personalized client management strategies, please get in touch with our office.

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