Payroll and Construction Industry Scheme

The UK government requires applicable businesses to comply with Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and CIS rules and regulations.  The PAYE system enables HMRC to collect Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions from employers who employ workers who earn more than the qualifying amount.

Under the CIS process, contractors must make appropriate deductions from payments made to subcontractors, and then pass them onto HMRC.  These deductions are essentially advance payments in respect of the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance.

Aside from managing compliance matters (e.g. auto-enrollment, Employment Allowance), processing incorrect payroll/CIS figures and/or making wrong payroll/CIS payments can create negative consequences for you and your business and its reputation.  We can help you to ensure that your payroll and/or CIS payments are being processed accurately, by either training your in-house team or (if you prefer to focus on running your business) we can carry out this work on your behalf.

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