Raising Finance

Whether you’re raising funds to assist with the purchase of equipment, to acquire another company, restructure existing debt, or assist with business growth, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of all your finance options.  At ATN Partnership, we are experienced in helping owners, managers and investors to explore options to raise money to support business growth, release value from existing assets and refinance existing loans/mortgages.  This experience and our strong relationship with potential funders, has become increasingly important in our current challenging economic climate.

In working with you, our team can provide expert guidance to:

  • Identify your precise requirements and goals;
  • Help you to understand your options;
  • Assist you in your decision-making process;
  • Carry out further research into your company’s operations and financials, so that you have all the relevant documents in place to be able to secure finance quickly;
  • Provide referrals to our network of funders;
  • Submit applications on your behalf;
  • Negotiate indicative offers and terms and conditions with potential funders on your behalf so that you can reduce cost of financing and secure better deals overall; and
  • Provide further assistance post-finance agreement.

In terms of raising finance, there are several options and some of these are detailed below.

Asset-based Lending

This can be used to raise money for purchasing stock and equipment or growth plans, and it’s the preferred route when traditional unsecured loans from banks are not possible.  Asset-based lending allows you to release cash tied up in assets such as debtors, equipment, stock and property.

Bank Finance

Banks are the traditional source of finance and provide businesses with short-term solutions (e.g. overdrafts, bridging loans) and long-term solutions (e.g. mortgages).


Factoring allows businesses to raise funds based on money owed by its debtors and thus free up working capital tied up in the business.  There are plenty of suppliers of this service and some can even manage the whole invoicing and credit control function for you.


Leasing, also known as asset financing, allows the business (i.e. lessor) to lease its asset (e.g. property, machinery) for the bulk of its life to another company (i.e. lessee) for a regular fee.  At the end of the lease period, the asset returns to the lessor.  Leaseback is another alternative and enables the business to use funds raised to invest in more profitable areas of the business or expansion plans.

If you need guidance with any of the options detailed above, please contact our office.

Regulatory Compliance

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Forensic Investigations

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Corporate Governance

Enhance business operations, achieve better financial success and increase stakeholder confidence by refining existing management controls.

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Risk Management

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Tax Enquiries & Tax Investigations

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We provide expert advice on accountancy, corporate and personal tax, fund raising, business strategy, human resource management, and marketing and sales.

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