Research & Development Tax Relief

The UK government supports companies that undertake work in pioneering projects in science and technology, by providing Research & Development (R&D) tax relief.  This means your business could reduce its tax expenditure if you invest in R&D.  Tax relief is available for certain expenditure connected with employees, sub-contractors and external workers, which include wages and utility costs.  However, there are strict guidelines on what types of business and which company expenses qualify, and there are also different types of R&D tax relief.

By taking advantage of this government financial incentive, you can ensure that your money works harder to make your business more successful.  To ensure that you benefit fully from this initiative, you may want to obtain professional and expert help.  At ATN Partnership, we will work with you to assess whether you are eligible for any R&D tax relief, and if so, we’ll carry out the necessary work to help you apply.

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Risk Management

Empower your entrepreneurial spirit by letting us help you manage risk effectively. Click below for more information.

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Payroll & Construction Industry Scheme

Ensure compliance with payroll and CIS rules and regulations by outsourcing this service to ATN Partnership.

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Tax Enquiries & Tax Investigations

Maximise your strategic advantage through specialist tax enquiry and investigation advice from ATN Partnership.

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Value Added Tax

Pay the correct VAT amount by outsourcing your VAT compliance to ATN Partnership.

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Increase brand awareness, prospect enquiries, and conversion rates by implementing effective marketing and sales strategies.

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