Valuations and Intellectual Property

Valuations are necessary for several reasons such as selling assets, financing, taxation, regulatory compliance, mergers and resolving disputes.  In addition, valuations can be difficult to calculate as they can involve assessment of their future value (which is uncertain) or complex due to the array of income streams from diverse industries.  Therefore, valuing intangible (e.g. Intellectual Property) and tangible assets requires deep understanding of the particular asset being assessed, the company and the industry that it operates in, and the economic and political landscape.

We can approach this specialist area of work from both technical and business perspectives and provide customised solutions that incorporate your goals, challenges and ambitions.

So, if you’re looking for a team that has specialist knowledge, deep experience and industry insight to help you with any aspect of the valuation process, please contact ATN Partnership.

Regulatory Compliance

Attain balance and peace of mind by outsourcing your regulatory compliance.  To find out more about how we can help you with this service, please click below.

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Forensic Investigations

We possess technical expertise to undertake in-depth forensic financial and accountancy related investigations.  If you want expert and reliable service, contact us.

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Corporate Governance

Enhance business operations, achieve better financial success and increase stakeholder confidence by refining existing management controls.

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Risk Management

Empower your entrepreneurial spirit by letting us help you manage risk effectively. Click below for more information.

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Tax Enquiries & Tax Investigations

Maximise your strategic advantage through specialist tax enquiry and investigation advice from ATN Partnership.

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Our Services

We provide expert advice on accountancy, corporate and personal tax, fund raising, business strategy, human resource management, and marketing and sales.

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